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Chord Beautiful Saviour (Planet Shakers)

Verse :

A                F#m

Jesus, Beautiful Savior

           D              Bm

God Of All Majesty, Risen King

        A              F#m

Lamb Of God, Holy And Righteous

          D                      Bm

Blessed Redeemer, Bright Morning Star

        E       A/C#     D

All The Heavens Shout Your Praise

       E     A/C#   D  F#m  E

All Creation Bow To Worship You

Chorus :

    A              F#m

How Wonderful, How Beautiful

           D            Bm     D/F#  E/G#

Name Above Every Name, Exalted High

    A              F#m

How Wonderful, How Beautiful

           D      Bm

Jesus Your Name

           D  F#m  E

Name Above Every Name



Brige :

A              F#m

I Will Sing Forever


Jesus I Love You

        Bm   E

Jesus I Love You 

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