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Chord Reveal (Life Tree)

Intro :

A  Em  Bm  Dm

A  Em  Bm  Dm

Verse :

A         Amaj7        D/A

  You Are Lord, Mighty God


  And I Worship You

A        Amaj7      D/A

  Living God, Risen One


  You Reign Victorious

    F#m          C#m

  Hosanna To The Lamb


  Who’s Worth Of Praise


  Who’s Mighty To Save

Chorus :

  A                  Em

Reveal Your Glory Oh Lord

  Bm                 Dm

Reveal Your Mercy In Me

       C#m         F#

Reveal It More And More


Your Glory Fills This Place

             Dm              A

As I Worship You, My Lord, Jesus 

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