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Chord Chapter One (Giving My Best)

Verse :

G         Am    C         D11

  Used To Be No Future In Me


  Sins And Darkness

  G/B              C            F#m7b5  B7

  Only Things That I Could See

      Em       G/D    C         G/B

  But Now That I Have You In My Life

       Am              D

  I Am Saved And I Am Alive

Chorus :


I Was Nothing

    G/B             C            D/C

But With You Who Is Everything


I Become Something

        Em       Am     D

And Can Do Many Things


I Was Lost But Now

       G/B            C

I Have Hope That I’ve Found You

    Cm          G/D

And I Started Again


My Chapter One With You


My Chapter One Is You

Bridge :

     Am         G/B

I Am Saved I’m Alive

     C               D

I Am Saved And I Am Alive 

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