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Chord God Is Good All The Time

Chorus :

       C            Am

God Is Good All The Time


He Put A Song Of Praise


In This Heart Of Mine

       C            Am

God Is Good All The Time


Through The Darkest Night


His Light Will Shine


God Is Good

       G            C

God Is Good All The Time

Verse 1 :


If You're Walking


Through The Valley

              F           Am       G

And There Are Shadows All Around

       Em            Am

Do Not Fear, He Will Guide You

        F                 G

He Will Keep You Safe And Sound


'Cause He's Promised


To Never Leave You


Nor Forsake You

        F       G

And His Word Is True

Verse 2 :

        G                Am

We Were Sinners And So Unworthy

          F              Am   G

Still For Us He Chose To Die

          Em            Am

Filled Us With His Holy Spirit

           F              G

Now We Can Stand And Testify

         Dm          G

That His Love Is Everlasting


And His Mercies

          F     G

They Will Never End

Bridge :

         Am           Em

Though I May Not Understand

         Gm               Dm

All The Plans He Left For Me

   G#              D#

My Life Is In Your Hands

                Dm      C/E    

And Through The Eyes Of Faith

      F       G

I Can Clearly See 

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