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Chord I Will Run To You (Hillsong)

Verse :

     Bb        C   F

Your Eye Is On The Sparrow

         Bb          C     Dm  F/C

And Your Hand, It Comforts Me

         D#/Bb       Bb

From The Ends Of The Earth

       C        C/E  F

To The Depth Of My   Heart

F/A      Bb        Gm          C

Let Your Mercy And Strength Be Seen

    Bb         C       F     F/A

You Call Me To Your Purpose

   Bb       C  Dm     F/C

As Angels Understand

         D#/Bb   B

For Your Glo  -  ry

        C    C/E  F

May You Draw All  Men

F/A     Bb       C       F

As Your Love And Grace Demand

Chorus :

           Bb/F  C/E  F

And I Will Run   To   You

        C/E   A/C#  Dm

To Your Words Of    Truth

F/C    Gm            F/A

Not By Might, Not By Power

           Bb    G/B    C

But By The Spi - rit Of God

            Bb/F  C/E  F

Yes, I Will Run   The  Race

        C/E  A/C#  Dm

'Till I See  Your  Face


Oh Let Me Live In

    F/A   C       F

The Glory Of Your Grace 

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