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Chord Jesus It is You (True Worshippers)

Bait :

G               Am              G/B

  Who Makes The Sun To Rise And Bring 

                C       D     Em

  The Earth New Life In Every Beam

  D           C

  Jesus It Is You

G               Am               G/B

  Who Turns The Day To Night And Watches

        C   D      Em

  Me As I Begin To Dream

  D           C

  Jesus It Is You

Am              G           Em

  Who Brings Me Food For My Table

Am              G/B    C  D

  Who Cares For All Of My Needs

G               Am

  Who Walks The Road With Me

      G/B                   C               Em

  Has Grown With Me Through All That I Have Been

  D          C     D           Gsus4  G

  Jesus It Is You, Jesus It Is You

Chorus :

          C        D              G

So I Lift My Hands    And I Bring My Song

       C               D                 G

All Of My Days, All Of My Rights, All Of My Wrongs

        C        D          Em      D   C

I Offer My Life,   Here And Beyond

           Am    G/B   C     D     G

To The One Thing True, Jesus It Is You

Verse :

G             Am             G/B

  Who Sees My Brokenness And Carries Me

       C              Em

  When I Am Frail And Weak

  D           C

  Jesus It Is You

G               Am                 G/B    

  Who Tells The Storm To Rest When I Am

      C           D      Em

  Overwhelmed And Cannot Speak

  D           C

  Jesus It Is You

Am             G            Em

  Who Wears My Guilt On His Shoulders

Am             G/B      C    D

  Who Holds My Heart In His Hands

G              Am                     G/B

  Who Takes My Thoughts And Fears And Hangs

              C            Em

  Them On The Arms Of Calvary

  D           C    D           Gsus4  G

  Jesus It Is You, Jesus It Is You 

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