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Chord More Than Enough (JPCC Worship)

Verse :


When The Mountains Fall

        D         G

And The Sea Turns Rough

        C                              D

“But My Word Stands Strong”, Says The Lord


When The World Gets Tough

            D      Em

Filled With Broken Hearts

         C         D               G

“But My Love Won’t Fail”, Says The Lord

Chorus :


Your Love Is Powerful


Knees Shall Bow

     D/F#    Em

Your Love Is Mighty


The Earth Will Shake


Your Grace Abounds In Us

       D                    G

You’re More Than Enough For Me


Jesus You’re Able


To Break Every Chain

    D/F#     Em

Our Lives In Your Hands


You’re In Control


Grace Overflows In Us

       D                    G

You’re More Than Enough For Me


C      D      Em

Power, Mercy, Never Failing

C         D       Em

Stronger, Deeper, Never Changing

C         D         Em

Glorious, Faithful, Never Ending

C     D      G

Great Is Our God 

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