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Chord My Redeemer Lives (Hillsong Kids)

Verse :

F           Bb

  I Know He Rescued My Soul

F              Bb

  His Blood Has Covered My Sin

      F      Bb

  I Believe

       F     Bb

  I Believe

F               Bb

  My Shame He’s Taken Away

F            Bb

  My Pain Is Healed In His Name

      F      Bb

  I Believe

      F      Bb

  I Believe


  I’ll Raise A Banner


  ‘Cause My Lord Has Conquered The Grave

Chorus :

     Dm     Gm

My Redeemer Lives

     Bb     C

My Redeemer Lives

     F      Bb

My Redeemer Lives

     Dm     C

My Redeemer Lives

Bridge :

D#  D/Bb  C  Bb  D#  D/Bb  C  Bb

You Lift My Burdens

Bb/D  C  Bb  F  Bb/D  C  Bb  F

I’ll Rise With You

C  Bb  A  F  Gm  F/A  Bb  Gm  F/A  Bb  C  F/A  C

I’m Dancing On This Mountain Top To See Your Kingdom Come 

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