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Chord Nothing Is Impossible (Planetshakers)

Chorus :


  Through You I Can Do Anything


  I Can Do All Things

Am                             F

  ‘Cause It’s You Who Gives Me Strength

  Nothing Is Impossible


  Through You Blind Eyes Are Open


  Strongholds Are Broken

Am               F

  I Am Living By Faith

  Nothing Is Impossible

Interlude :

F  C  Dm  F

F  C  Dm  F

Verse :

C               Dm             F

  I’m Not Gonna Live By What I See

Am              G              F

  I’m Not Gonna Live By What I Feel

Am                 G                 F

  Deep Down I Know  That You’re Here With Me

Am                G           Dm  F

  And I Know That  You Can Do Anything

Bridge :

F                C

  I Believe, I Believe

Dm               F

  I Believe, I Believe In You 

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