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Chord This I Believe (Hillsong Worship)

Intro :

F  Am  G  C/E

F  Am  G  C/E

Verse :

F                Am       G

  Our Father Everlasting

              C/E  F

  The All Creating One

         G     C/E

  God Almighty

F                   Am     G

  Through Your Holy Spirit

                    C/E  F

  Conceiving Christ The  Son


  Jesus Our Savior

Chorus :

C                      C/E

  I Believe In God Our Father

F                         G

  I Believe In Christ The Son


  I Believe In The Holy Spirit


  Our God Is Three In One

C                       C/E

  I Believe In The Resurrection

F                    G

  That We Will Rise Again

Am                     F       G

  For I Believe In The Name Of Jesus

Verse :

F                     Am  G

  Our Judge And Our Defender

                  C/E  F

  Suffered And Crucified

              Am  G     C/E

  Forgiveness Is In You

F                Am  G

  Descended Into Darkness

                  C/E   F

  You Rose In Glorious Life


  Forever Seated High

Bridge :

    F  Am    G   C/E

I Believe In You

    F         Am    G     C/E

I Believe You Rose Again

    F          G               C

I Believe That Jesus Christ Is Lord

Chorus :

I Believe In Life Eternal

I Believe In The Virgin Birth

I Believe In The Saints' Communion

And In Your Holy Church

I Believe In The Resurrection

When Jesus Comes Again

For I Believe, In The Name Of Jesus 

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