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Chord Uncomparable God (True Worshippers)

Intro :

G  C  G  C  D  C

Verse :

G     D      C

  How Can We Shine For You

G     D      C

  How Can We Live For You

  Am               G/B        C

  Draw Us Close To Be In Your Presence

     D                  Em             F

  To Show The World How Awesome Your Name

Chorus :


No One Can Compare To You

C               G/B

No One Can Deny


The Glory Of Your Majesty


The Power In Your Hands


Now We Sing Your Melodies

    C                G/B

And Shine In Harmony


The Praises Of The Heavenlies


In Your Love We Will Stand

    D             Em     D  C

For You Alone Are Worthy Of Praise

    Em           D         C

For You Alone We Greatly Declare

  F          G

Uncomparable God 

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