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Chord Worthy Is The Lamb (Hillsong)

Verse :

A                 D           A/C#

Thank You For The Cross Lord

                  D     E   A

Thank You For The Price You Paid


Bearing All My Sin And Shame

   E        D

In Love You Came

    Bm    A/C#   E

And Gave Amazing Grace

                   D          A/C#

Thank You For This Love Lord

                  D    E       A

Thank You For The Nail Pierced Hands


Washed Me In Your Cleansing Flow

    E     D

Now All I Know

        Bm       A/C#  E

Your Forgiveness And Embrace

Chorus :

A             E/G#

Worthy Is The Lamb

Bm     A/C#   D

Seated On The Throne

E         D        A/C#  D

Crown You Now With Many Crown

    Bm       A/C#  E

You Reign Victorious

A               E/G#

High And Lifted Up

Bm    A/C#   D

Jesus Son Of God

    E           D     A/C#   D    E

The Darling Of Heaven Crucified

              Bm   A/C#  D

Worthy Is The Lamb

              Bm    D

Worthy Is The Lamb 

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