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Chord You Are My Hiding Place (JPCC Worship)

Verse :


You Can Breathe All The Stars


You Can Hush The Raging Storms

        Dm                          F

Yet You Formed Me And You Called Me By My Name


You Can Walk On The Ocean


Part The Sea And Halt The Sun

        Dm                     F

Yet You See Me And You Hear My Every Cry

Am          F

I Surrender All

       Am        F

To The Savior Of My Soul

Chorus :


  Let The Weak In Me Say I Am Strong


  You’re My Refuge And My Song

Dm                            F

  I Will Trust In You For All My Days


    Let My Fears And Doubts Be Cast Away


    You’re My Strength I Will Not Fear

Dm                         F

    Jesus I Will Call Upon Your Name

G              Am     F

    You Are My Hiding Place

Verse :


Broken Steps Broken Hearts


You Are Mending Every Part

     Dm                      F

I Am Safe And I’m Covered By Your Grace


Only You And Your Light


Could Turn My Darkness Into Dawn


By Your Blood Death Has Lost


And Love Has Won 

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