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Chord You Bless Me All The Way (Life Tree)

Intro :

F#m  D  A  E

F#m  D  A  E

F#m  D  A  E

F#m  D  A  E


Verse :


  There Is One Thing That Will Never Change


  There Is No One That Can Ever Change It

E                                              D

  Jesus Is Savior, The Way, The Truth, And The Life


  There Is One Love That Will Never Fail


  There Is No Love Like The Love That You Gave

E                             D

  Jesus, You Are My Unfailing Love

Bm           C#m

  My Life Is Yours Alone

  D                  E

  I Surrender All To You

Chorus :

A      E         F#m

  Everything May Come


  Come To My Life Now

A            E    F#m

  I’ll Never Be Afraid


  I Will Trust Is You

A          E       F#m

  You Will Take My Fears

                D       G

  You Will Stay With Me


  You Bless Me All The Way

Bridge :

F#m                    D

  You Called Me Out To Shine

F#m                 D               G

  To Be A Light And Salt Of Sinking Sand 

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