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Anaheim Chords by NIKI (Nicole Zefanya)

                       Difficulty: beginner

                       Tuning : G C E A


F Am C  x2

F                                  Am          C

If I could, I’d freeze this moment, make it my home

F                                C

You’re all I want to want to know

F                                Am     C

I can tell you mean it when you kiss me slow

F                                       C

But please don’t ask me, the answer’s no

F                              Am           C

In a perfect world I’d kill to love you the loudest

F                                C

but all I do is live to hurt you soundless

F                              Am       C

Say you see I’m lying babe and let this go

F                               C

I can never promise you tomorrow

Am    G       C      F

Cause I have yet to learn

Am      G   C

how not to be his

Am     G        C      F

This city will surely burn

Am        G     F

if we keep this as it is



But I’d give anything to stop time


and drive around Anaheim


at sun down to teach my mind

G       F

to put you first


Here you are, a hero


You wanna be my new home

Am      G                     F

But baby let up, I won’t ever recognize these roads

Am        G      F

‘Cause I am lost, but not in you

Am       G       C

yes I am lost, but not in you

Am C

F                                   Am           C

I could spend my days studying your laugh’s melody

F                                               C

and I can live with myself ‘cause I know the composer’s me

F                         Am          C

Babe all I ask of you is please don’t sleep

F                               C

On the bed of promises I can’t keep

Am  G      C      F        Am  G  C

‘cause  I   have yet to know how to be mine

Am       G       C           F

You can try to unearth this soul,

Am               G        F

I swear you’ll hate what you find


Am    G    C

ooooh ooh

Am    G    C

ooooh ooh

Am    G    C      F    G

ooooh oooh oooooooh


But I’d give anything to stop time,

Commit to you


And not crime against your truth

Am           G

And lose sight of every divide

F                        C

threatening to undo this story


but baby, I’m so sorry

Am   G              F

I don’t think that I’ll ever memorize this route

Am    G           F

‘cause I am lost, but not in you

Am        G      C

Yes I am lost, but not in you

C G Am C F C 

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