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Around Chords by NIKI (Nicole Zefanya)

                       Difficulty: intermediate

                       Tuning : E A D G B E

                        [Verse 1]

C                      Cmaj7

You love me with your bones


You hold me when I’m broke


You don’t ask for a thing

F                  Fm             Em

Oh, I hope it’s you they put me in the ground by

[Verse 2]

C                               Cmaj7

Know where I’ve been, where I’m from


You know who took me to prom


You’ve watched as my legs and pride grew taller

F       Fm         Em        C

Oh, I wanna be the one you call drunk


Cmaj7               F            Gm

Oh, I know that we march to the beat of different drums


We’re still so damn young

Em                   F

In and out of believing in love


What the fuck’s love?


All I know is love


When push comes to shove

I’ll be the one a-


C         Em   Ebm  Dm

Round and round we  go

Em      F

So much I don’t know

Ab               G              C

But even though this ain’t pretty and simple like a bed of roses

Em     Ebm Dm

‘least I know my  hope is

Gm           F            F

That you stick around ’til the end

Ab  G      C

'cause you’re my best friend

[Verse 3]

C                   Cmaj7

You cut me, I bleed gold


I miss you though you’re cold

C9                   F

You’re inside a different soul when I’m not around

Fm            C

But that’s ok, I do the same


Gm              F

Oh we’re in a maze with no end


But I’m amazed to no end

Am                        D

Darling, we don’t ever have to pretend


Who knows what or who we choose


Right now I’ve nothing to lose

C Em Ebm Dm

You love me, I love you

Gm F F Ab G C 

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