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Autumn Chords by NIKI (Nicole Zefanya)

                       Difficulty: intermediate

                       Tuning : E A D G B E

                        [Verse 1]

C                Dm        Am     F

I carved my name into your ribcage

C                  Dm             Am   F

We talked of lands away from this cage

C                                            Dm      Am   F

You said, don’t fret love, someday I’ll be my own man, I'll be free


Oh, but darling did you mean

G              C

Darling, did you mean free from me?


You promised home

Dm             Am     F

The kind I'd never known, oh


But here we are, skin and flesh and beating hearts

Dm                 Am                  F

and I'm wondering what the hell I'm doing wrong

C                                               Dm                   Am

You said, “Let's make ourselves our very own brigade, this love our shield, our blade”

F                         G

Oh, but darling do you see the cuts from which I bleed?


It’s me you’ve slain


F                         G                                 C

I didn’t obliterate these walls for you to come and raid my home


And here you are right next to me

G                                C

Ironically, I've never felt more alone


C              Dm            Am        F

I fell for you faster than I fell apart

C                                             F

And I guess I'm the one to blame for letting myself fall too hard

F                                                            G             C

I ripped my heart out and put it in your hands in hopes that we’d put up a fight

F                           G                                C

How paradoxical, since now all I can think about is when will we stop trying


C               Am

Oooh, how do we stay afloat

F     G   C

When do I let go?

C                                   C/B

All you do is blindside me, it's hard to be brave

Am                                        Am/G

But when the night cuts into the day, it’s your love I crave

F                                  G

I must’ve thanked my lucky stars too much,


they left me sitting in too much dust

C                                      C/B

You know all my dreams you were one, so it seemed

Am                                    Am/G

And I love you but with you it's heartache I breathe

F                           G                         C

You gave it your all, just with everything you took from me


Oh, my love


Is this the end for us?

F     G            C

Maybe we’ve had enough

C  C      C  C      F F C 

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