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Balaclava Chords by Arctic Monkeys

                       Difficulty: beginner

                       Tuning : Tuning not found


Bm               F#m

Running off over next doors garden

D                Bm

Before the hour is done

Bm                 F#m

It's more a question of feeling

D                F#m

Than it is a question of fun

Bm                F#m

The confidence is the balaclava

D                      Bm

I'm sure you'll baffle 'em good

Bm             F#m

Will the ending reek of salty cheeks

D             F#m

And runny makeup alone


Or will blood run down the face

Of a boy bewildered and scorned

And you'll find yourself in a skirmish

And you wish you'd never been born

And you tie yourself to the tracks

And there isn't no going back

And it's wrong wrong wrong

But we'll do it anyway cause we love a bit of trouble

Are you pulling her from a burning building

Or throwing her to the sharks

Can only hope that the ending is as pleasurable as the start

The confidence is the balaclava, i'm sure you baffle 'em straight

And its wrong wrong wrong, she can hardly wait

[Chorus] (x2)

Bm                                F#m

That's right, he won't let her out his sight


Now the shaggers perform


And the daggers are drawn


Who's the crooks in this crime?


That's right, he wont let her out his sight

That's right, he wont let her out his sight

That's right, he wont let her out his sight


You'll be able to post any day of the most

For the sights of all time

You knew that it'd be trouble right before the very first kiss

Quiet and assuming but you heard that they were the naughtiest

She pleaded with you to take it off

But you resisted and fought

Sorry sweetheart, I'd much rather keep on the balaclava. 

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