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Best Friend Chords by Laufey

                       Difficulty: advanced

                       Tuning : E A D G B E


Ebmaj7         Edim

It’s come to my attention

Fm7       Dm    Gbdim

That I don’t show enough

Gm7    G7

Of what I think

Ab          Ab7

It’s only when I drink, I open up

Gm7            C7

But I promise that I love you

Fm7            Bb7

Even with that hair-do

Ebmaj7       E      Edim

I’m sorry I made fun of it

Fm                Bb7

It’s not your fault it looks like shit


Eb    Cm        Fm

I have never tolerated someone for so long

Gm               G7

I’ve never laughed so much

Abmaj7        Abm

I haven’t written a sad song

Gm7             C7           Fm7

There’s no one else I’d rather fall asleep with


And dream with

Gm7  Cm7    Fm7    Bb7

You’re my best friend in the world


Eb  Edim  Fm  Gbdim  Gm7  G7  Ab

Gm  C7  Fm7  Bb7  Eb  Em  Fm  Bb7

Ebmaj7 Edim  Fm7  D7  Gm7  G7  Ab

Gm7  C7  Fm  Bb7  Ebmaj7  Eb  Eb7


Abmaj7                      Abm

When we’re ninety-eight and ninety-nine


Tumblin’ down the stairs


You’ll barely catch me in time

Fm7                 Bb       Bb7

We’ll argue about what to watch on TV

Ebmaj7         D                 Db7 C7

Finally pick a movie, then we’ll fall asleep


We’ll still be a little bit strange

Fm                Bb

Some things never change


Ebmaj7           E        Fm     D7

It’s funny ‘cause you drive me half-insane

Gm7          G7               Ab            Abm

A universe without you would be thoroughly mundane

Gm7             C7             Fm

There’s no one else I’d rather fall in love with


And that is

Gm7  C7     Fm7    Bb7

My best friend in the world


Eb  Edim  Fm7  Bb  Eb  E


Fm7  Bb7           Eb

You’re my best friend in the world 

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