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A Song About Being Sad Chords by Rex Orange County

                       Difficulty: advanced

                       Tuning : E A D G B E

                        Version 1 is completely wrong and the youtube tutorials I found all had minor errors.

Fairly certain these are the correct chords with timings.

Listen to the recording for the picking/strumming, bass notes, and mutes.

Good luck!

Recording for this version:


All chord variations used are listed bellow.

[Chords]   E   A   D   G   B   e

Gm11b5   :  x   10  11  10  13  x

Gm7b5    :  x   10  11  10  11  x

Fmaj7    :  x   8   10  9   10  x

F9       :  x   8   7   8   8   x

Bbmaj7   :  6   x   7   7   6   x

Edim7    :  x   7   8   6   8   x

C6       :  8   10  x   9   10  x

A7/C#    :  9   10  x   9   10  x  (Same as C6 but move bass note to 9th fret)

Dm7      :  10  x   10  10  10  x

C#m7     :  9   x   9   9   9   x

Cm7      :  8   x   8   8   8   x

F7b9     :  x   8   7   8   7   x

C7b13    :  8   x   8   9   9   x  (slide pinky from 9-10)

C13      :  8   x   8   9   10  x  (^^^)

C7       :  8   x   8   9   8   x

Amaj7    :  5   x   6   6   5   x  (He slides from Amaj7 to Bbmaj7, same positioning just up a fret)


-  :  Slide


Gm11b5 Gm7b5 Fmaj7

Gm7b5 Fmaj7


[Verse 1]

Fmaj7                 F9

Always felt like I needed to please her, or impress her

Bbmaj7                                Edim7

Though only in the hope that one day I would undress her


Don't be offended

F9                                 Bbmaj7

You think I'm 'bout to tell you that "I love you"


But I really really really fucking don't


See the months of obsession

C6            A7/C#

And crying for hours

Dm7            C#m7    Cm7         F7b9   Bbmaj7

I even started sitting down in the shower, girl

C7b13- C13

I'll take my time on my own

C7              Fmaj7

And I'll be fine now I'm alone

Gm7b5 Fmaj7

[Verse 2]

Gm7b5 Fmaj7                   F9

Constantly told stories with a stretch of the truth

Bbmaj7  Amaj7-Bbmaj7     Amaj7-Bbmaj7  Edim7

Trying hard to make memories to remember from youth

Fmaj7                    F9

Desperately wanting you to be interested too


It's not clear what I need yet


But it's clear it's not you


Fmaj7                                 C6                  A7/C#

Here's what I'd say to any young man that's still interested in you

Dm7                               C#m7

Do you prioritise the things in your life

Cm7                     F7b9

The things that you hope to do


Cause if not then

C7b13- C13

Mate you'd better trust me when I tell you that


It's not worth forgetting about yourself

Because of one fucking girl


Fmaj7                     C6            A7/C#

She may seem perfect, and gorgeous, and lovely


You'll think she likes you

C#m7    Cm7          F7b9

I mean I thought she loved me, no


But no

C7b13- C13

Neither of us will get down from the shelf


The only one she loves is herself 

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