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Brother Acoustic Chords by FUR

                       Difficulty: beginner

                       Tuning : E A D G B E


C  E7  F  Fm

[Verse 1]

C                     E7

Two time, over and over

F                       Fm

Sit down next to me, and I'll forget to breathe

C                            E7

You and I, we know all there is to know

F                        Fm

About one another, like a sister and brother


G            Am

But I see so many faces


I can't remember their names


So I just pretend they're the same

[Verse 2]

C                      E7

Hold the line, to see one last time

F                            Fm

Why'd you have to go, maybe that's for you to know

C                             E7

You and I, we know what there was to know

F                            Fm

About one another, almost like we were brothers


C     E7    F     Fm    C

Oooo  Oooo  Oooo  Oooo 

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