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Cinderella - So This Is Love Chords by Misc Cartoons

                       Difficulty: intermediate

                       Tuning : E A D G B E

                        Gm7       C7

Mmm,      Mmm

F      D7

So this is love, Mmm

Gm7   C7

So this is love

F                  F7    Bb    D7

So this is what makes life divine

Gm      C7

I'm all aglow, Mmm

Gm    C7

And now I know

Gm           C7       F    C7

The key to all heaven is mine

F     D7

My heart has wings, Mmm

Gm7    C7

And I can fly

F           F7         Bb    D7

I'll touch every star in the sky

Gm7           C7

So this is the miracle

F                 D7

That I've been dreaming of

Gm7     C7               F

Mmm, Mmm, So this is love 

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