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Congratulations Chords by MGMT

                       Difficulty: intermediate

                       Tuning : E A D G B E

                        Congratulations - MGMT

Used this video for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqboCs_g9bM

All the chords are open position chords

Two small noteworthy chords:

Asus2         Dsus4      (Basically, both are brief flourishes)

e:--0---      e:--3---

B:--0---      B:--3---

G:--2---      G:--2---

D:--2---      D:--0---

A:--0---      A:--X---

E:--X---      E:--X---

[Verse 1]

G   G/F#    Em Em7  C          C/B     Am  Asus2 Am

Dead in the water,  it's not a paid vacation

G   G/F#     Em           Em7    C        C/B        Am      Asus2 Am

The sons and daughters of city officials attend demonstrations

G    G/F#     Em      Em7       C                  D            Dsus4

It's hardly a sink or swim when all is well if the ticket sells


G  G/F#  Em  Em7  C  C/B  Am Asus2 Am

[Verse 2]

G G/F#     Em    Em7 C         C/B       Am   Asus2 Am

Out with a whimper,  it's not a blaze of glory

G        G/F#           Em        Em7    C           C/B       Am   Asus2 Am

You look down from your temple as people endeavor to make it a story

G   G/F#       Em     Em7        C                   D           Dsus4

And chisel the marble words that all is lost if it's never heard


G  C  G  G7



But I've got someone to make reports


That tell me how my money's spent


To book my stays and draw my blinds


So I can't tell what's really there


And all I need's a great big congratulations

[Break] x2:

G  G/F#  Em  Em7  C  C/B  Am Asus2  Am

[Verse 3]

G    G/F#      Em  Em7 C       C/B       Am    Asus2 Am

I'll keep your dreams, you pay attention for me

G   G/F#         Em         Em7       C          C/B      Am      Asus2 Am

As strange as it seems, I'd rather dissolve than have you ignore me

G   G/F#          Em     Em7        C                  D           Dsus4

The ground may be moving fast but I tied my boots to a broken mast

(This break is slightly different):

G  G/F#  Em  Em7  C  C  D  D7  G

[Verse 4]

G   G/F#          Em Em7 C            C/B       Am     Asus2 Am

The difference is clear, you throw it in your cauldron

G  G/F#  Em      Em7       C         C/B      Am     Asus2 Am

Rust and veneer, dusk and dawn, Steinways and Baldwins

G   G/F#         Em     Em7      C                 D            Dsus4

You start with a simple stock of all the waste and salt to taste


G  C  G  G7



But damn my luck and damn these friends


That keep on combing back their smiles


I save my grace with half-assed guilt


And lay down the quilt upon the lawn


Spread my arms and soak up congratulations

[Break until finish]

G  G/F#  Em  Em7  C  C/B  Am Asus2 Am 

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