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Chord Saved The Day (Planetshakers)

Verse :


We’re Living For A God Who Saved Us

  G#m                             B

A Destiny, A Hope That’s Found In Truth


The Hope That’s Found In You


You Walked Before My Fears And Failures

   G#m                                  B

My Heart Cries Out, This Life I Give To You


This Life I Live For You

C#m                E

All My Praise Goes To The One

    A               E

Who Made A Way, Who Saved The Day

Chorus :

B                  F#

  My God He Made A Way


  My God He Saved The Day

          E                   B

  Forever We Will Shout Your Praise


This World Will Fade Away


But Your Word Remains Forever

B     E       F#         B

Jesus We Will Shout Your Praise

Bridge :


  We Shout Your Praises


  God Of All Ages

A                  E

  My Life Is Found In You 

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