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Chord To God Be The Glory (Hillsong)

Verse :


  How Can I Say Thanks

Em/B  Gm/A#

  For All The Things

           Asus4    A

  You Have Done For Me

Dm              C#dim

  Things So Undeserved

          F/C                Fm/G#

  Yet You Give To Prove Your Love For Me

      C/G            Am

  The Voices Of A Million Angels

              D/F#          Fm

  Could Not Express My Gratitude

C/E          Dm          C#dim   Dm  C/E

  All That I Am And Ever Hope To Be

F   G       C            G     

  I Owe It All To Thee

Chorus :

   C          Em  A

To God Be The Glory

   Dm  C#dim    Fm  G

To God   Be The Glory

   E  E/G#      Am

To God   Be The Glory

        D7            G

For The Things He Has Done

         C            Em  A

With His Blood He Has Saved Me

         Dm  C#dim    Fm     G

With His Power He Has Raised Me

   E  E/G#      Am  D7

To God   Be The Glory

        C/G    G      C

For The Things He Has Done

Music :

Gm  C

Gm  C

Bridge :

         Bm7b5      E

Just Let Me Live My Life

          Am       E/G#  C/G     D/F#

Let It Be Pleasing Lord  To Thee

           F       Am

And Should I Gain Any Praise

          D       G

Let It Go To Calvary 

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