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Beyond The Sea Chords by Bobby Darin

                       Difficulty: intermediate

                       Tuning : E A D G B E


G    Em  C  D7         G    Em   C     D7          G  B7  Em

Somewhere-------beyond the sea   Somewhere waiting for me--------

D7       G         Em     C     E7  Am

My lover stands on golden sands------

D7     Adim  Em    C       A7  D  D7

And watches the  ships that go sailing


G    Em  C  D7         G   Em     C     D7           G  B7  Em

Somewhere-------beyond the sea  She's there watching for me-------

D7         G        Em       C    E7  Am

If I could fly like birds on high------

D7          Adim  Em   C      Am7  D7  Gm7

Then straight to her   arms I'd go sail-----ing


F#7     B   G#dim E6  F#7      B    G#dim    E6   F#7        B

It's far-----------beyond a star     it's near beyond the moon-----

A7  D    Bm  G  A7       D    Bm    Em         A7            D   D7 Bm

I know--------beyond a doubt,  my heart will lead me there soon


D7     G    Em  C  D7         G     Em      C    D7        G    B7 Em

We'll meet--------beyond the shore,  we'll kiss just as before------

D7          G     Em      C   E7  Am

Happy we'll be beyond the sea-----

D7    Adim Em    C       A7   D7  G

And never a----gain, I'll go sail-----ing. 

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