20 Contoh soal Latihan mencari Subjek dan Predikat bahasa Inggris

Contoh latihan bahasa Inggris mencari Subyek dan Predikat

Find Subject and Predicator Construction in the following sentences! artinya carilah subjek dan predikat pada kalimat bahasa inggris berikut ini.

Example (contoh) :

1. My mother cooking in the kitchen.
Answer (jawab) : Subject = mother, and Predicator = cooking.
2. Budi study english every monday
Answer: Subject= Budi, and Predicator = Study

1. Each developmental satge is carefully observed by experienced architects.
2. Caring mothers usually use soft skin powder their babies.
3. In big citie's students living cost is very high.
4. it is very interesting to watch the changing color of the sea at the sundown.
5. Some scientist believe that there are extremely that intelligent creatures in other planets.
6. It is beneficial from the goverment to have some self supporting regions.
7. These specially equiped can fly to a speed of 1500 miles an hour.
8. Some people catch the long- nosed crocodile for food.
9. There are unbreakable kitchen utensils .
10. The earth's station receives signal from unidentified flying objects.
11. The dogs are trained to detect to smell of the drinks.
12. Poets usually find inspiration in the still of the night.
13. A psychological approach to the problem seems more effective.
14. Much fertile land forming land forming the main food supplier is changed into settlement .
15. As the young generation they should have the will to develop.
16. Not every one agreed to his ideas stated in the meeting.
17. The goverments attempt to improve socio-economics condition of the people were not succesfull.
18. We need more expert who can assist us in the development of science and technology.
19. Most of the guest invited to the party were the rich.
20. Smoe crucial and complicated world problems existing at present may bring abort World War II.

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